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Rapid deployment of K3S on vSphere using K3OS
·1128 words·6 mins
No fluff here, just a quick writeup of how to rapidly deploy a multimaster kubernetes cluster using K3OS on vSphere. This can probably be done even faster by remastering ISOs, using packer or cloud-init directly to the VM but that’s something for the future.
Letsencrypt Certificate automation with NSX Advanced Load Balancer
·870 words·5 mins
As part of a bit of a cleanup at home, i’ve decided to move all my services behind a single centralised loadbalancer, which at this point happens to AVI just so i can get more day to day experience with it.
Manageable micro-segmentation with the consumer-provider architecture
·2334 words·11 mins
NSX-T blogposts NSX-T blogposts
This blogpost discusses how the consumer-provider microsegmentation model works, its strengths and weaknesses, and why you might want to consider using this for your future micro-segmentation strategies.