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Manageable micro-segmentation with the consumer-provider architecture
·2334 words·11 mins
NSX-T blogposts NSX-T blogposts
This blogpost discusses how the consumer-provider microsegmentation model works, its strengths and weaknesses, and why you might want to consider using this for your future micro-segmentation strategies.
VCF Microsegmentation, the right way
·1517 words·8 mins
NSX-T blogposts NSX-T blogposts
In some recent engagements i’ve been involved in getting my customers started with a microsegmentations strategy, and one of the more obvious requests from people new to microsegmentation is to start with their infrastructure.
Building a NSX-T nested lab part 2
·1754 words·9 mins
NSX-T blogposts NSX-T blogposts
if you’ve read my previous blog post about NSX-T, you should know the basics of what NSX-T does and why it’s the best thing since mankind invented rocket surgery. In this post we’ll try to give you a brief overview of the steps to take to deploy NSX-T in your lab environment the easy way.
Building a NSX-T nested lab with Eve-NG, virtualised switches, BGP, and the kitchen sink attached.
·5967 words·29 mins
NSX-T blogposts NSX-T blogposts
Since my last tweet and blogpost on a bug in NSX-T when deploying on a nested ESXi host , i’ve had a few requests from people to describe the actual lab setup used, the procedure and a quick-and-dirty guide to get started with NSX-T on vSphere.
NSX-T Nested ESXi host preparation fails.
·333 words·2 mins
NSX-T blogposts NSX-T blogposts
As today was a lab day for the first time in a long while, i decided to finally get around to finishing my NSX-T nested lab. So after deploying the manager and controller cluster, the time comes to prepare the ESXi hosts.