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Rapid deployment of K3S on vSphere using K3OS
·1128 words·6 mins
No fluff here, just a quick writeup of how to rapidly deploy a multimaster kubernetes cluster using K3OS on vSphere. This can probably be done even faster by remastering ISOs, using packer or cloud-init directly to the VM but that’s something for the future.
Letsencrypt Certificate automation with NSX Advanced Load Balancer
·870 words·5 mins
As part of a bit of a cleanup at home, i’ve decided to move all my services behind a single centralised loadbalancer, which at this point happens to AVI just so i can get more day to day experience with it.
Manageable micro-segmentation with the consumer-provider architecture
·2334 words·11 mins
NSX-T blogposts NSX-T blogposts
This blogpost discusses how the consumer-provider microsegmentation model works, its strengths and weaknesses, and why you might want to consider using this for your future micro-segmentation strategies.
VCF Microsegmentation, the right way
·1517 words·8 mins
NSX-T blogposts NSX-T blogposts
In some recent engagements i’ve been involved in getting my customers started with a microsegmentations strategy, and one of the more obvious requests from people new to microsegmentation is to start with their infrastructure.
VRLCM & vRA prerequisites in a locked down environment
·429 words·3 mins
vRealize Automation blogposts vRealize Automation blogposts
A very brief one, but for a current project i’m working on LCM in a heavily locked down environment. So locked down in fact that even RDP to the servers is impossible, which makes making changing slightly impractical as everything has to go through the console.
Scripted modification of vRA reservations with powerVRA.
·442 words·3 mins
Powershell blogposts Powershell blogposts
Recently, a customer of mine needed to modify a large number of vRA reservations to facilitate a migration, and because there’s nothing wrong with being lazy, using powershell is always one of my go-to options.
Running pre-boot, post-provisioning vRO workflows in vRA.
·260 words·2 mins
NSX vRealize Automation blogposts NSX vRealize Automation blogposts
Note: As this is more of a reminder for myself so i don’t forget next time, don’t expect too much fluff. Last week i needed to demonstrate how to temporarily enable firewall rules using the NSX DFW for a customer use case that is pretty serious about zero trust policies.
Building a NSX-T nested lab part 2
·1754 words·9 mins
NSX-T blogposts NSX-T blogposts
if you’ve read my previous blog post about NSX-T, you should know the basics of what NSX-T does and why it’s the best thing since mankind invented rocket surgery. In this post we’ll try to give you a brief overview of the steps to take to deploy NSX-T in your lab environment the easy way.
A brief thank you to the tech community
·601 words·3 mins
Personal blogposts Personal blogposts
note: header image shameless stolen from XKCD . Credit where credit is due Once upon a time - as any good story is supposed to begin - people were working in IT.
Ansible-Vault password management made easy with Lastpass-CLI and Rake
·725 words·4 mins
blogposts ansible blogposts ansible
With a fresh new year comes a fresh new set of VPS hosts, and as a resolution i’m planning to fully deploy these through ansible, along with migrating a lot of my existing machines to ansible as well.
Surviving the sandpit - week 1
·778 words·4 mins
Personal blogposts Personal blogposts
As most of you are probably aware by now, i’ve moved to Dubai to work for VMware. By now, it’s been a bit over a week so i thought i might as well provide everyone back at home (or wherever you are) with an update.
Burn down your DFW onboarding with vRealize Log Insight
·825 words·4 mins
NSX blogposts NSX blogposts
Currently i’m working on a NSX project involving a large amount of networks and a complicated firewall setup that needs to be migrated to NSX. Using tools such as vRealize Network insight for traffic flow insight helps a lot, but ultimately the DFW onboarding process needs to be SMART, and specifically the following:
Privacy policy
·164 words·1 min
No personal data - outside of tracking cookies for personal stats monitoring - is processed on this site. This tracking data is processed by my personal statistics and analysis system and is for personal usage and optimisation of this website.
New layout!
·72 words·1 min
Personal blogposts Personal blogposts
A fresh new ghost installation means a fresh new layout. It’s currently partially under development, but most features should be working. So if you have any feedback, bugs, items that aren’t working or any other criticism, i’d be glad to hear it.
vRealize Log Insight : pre-classifying events for SIEM
·769 words·4 mins
vRealize Log Insight blogposts vRealize Log Insight blogposts
For a project i’m currently working on we are using vRealize Log Insight as a logging and monitoring solution. One of the important requirements this customer has is the forwarding of syslog events to HP Arcsight, a SIEM solution.
Setting up your own PKI - the simple way
·711 words·4 mins
Technology blogposts Technology blogposts
Most of you that are reading this will either have their own lab, or a corporate lab environment, and - most likely - regularly install a variety of vendor products to try out new products, test new features, create demo environments for customers, study for certifications, and more.
Building the Virarium 2.0 - or "You know, normal people just have aquariums." - Part 1
·617 words·3 mins
Personal blogposts Personal blogposts
For those that regularly read XKCD, this one may be familiar for you: Let me start from the beginning. My previous employer OGD has a yearly event called “Technival”, which was all about a wild variety of geeky things organised and built by their employees, and the Virarium was the brainchild of me and Robbert Erents .
Building a NSX-T nested lab with Eve-NG, virtualised switches, BGP, and the kitchen sink attached.
·5967 words·29 mins
NSX-T blogposts NSX-T blogposts
Since my last tweet and blogpost on a bug in NSX-T when deploying on a nested ESXi host , i’ve had a few requests from people to describe the actual lab setup used, the procedure and a quick-and-dirty guide to get started with NSX-T on vSphere.
NSX-T Nested ESXi host preparation fails.
·333 words·2 mins
NSX-T blogposts NSX-T blogposts
As today was a lab day for the first time in a long while, i decided to finally get around to finishing my NSX-T nested lab. So after deploying the manager and controller cluster, the time comes to prepare the ESXi hosts.
Automated NSX DFW validation with PowerNSX
·1398 words·7 mins
NSX blogposts NSX blogposts
For a project i’m currently working on, we need to provide a full end-to-end validation of the NSX routing, distributed firewall rules and VXLAN functionality. As the amount and complexity of firewall rules are quite significant, i’ve written a script that allows you to run and retrieve data from NSX Traceflow in an automated fashion, which can be found at https://bitbucket.