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Running pre-boot, post-provisioning vRO workflows in vRA.
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NSX vRealize Automation blogposts NSX vRealize Automation blogposts
Note: As this is more of a reminder for myself so i don’t forget next time, don’t expect too much fluff. Last week i needed to demonstrate how to temporarily enable firewall rules using the NSX DFW for a customer use case that is pretty serious about zero trust policies.
Burn down your DFW onboarding with vRealize Log Insight
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NSX blogposts NSX blogposts
Currently i’m working on a NSX project involving a large amount of networks and a complicated firewall setup that needs to be migrated to NSX. Using tools such as vRealize Network insight for traffic flow insight helps a lot, but ultimately the DFW onboarding process needs to be SMART, and specifically the following:
Automated NSX DFW validation with PowerNSX
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NSX blogposts NSX blogposts
For a project i’m currently working on, we need to provide a full end-to-end validation of the NSX routing, distributed firewall rules and VXLAN functionality. As the amount and complexity of firewall rules are quite significant, i’ve written a script that allows you to run and retrieve data from NSX Traceflow in an automated fashion, which can be found at https://bitbucket.
multi-backend SSL Passthrough Loadbalancing with VMware NSX
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NSX blogposts NSX blogposts
Currently i’m working on a NSX project that involves automation of NSX loadbalancers to provide loadbalancing as a catalog item. Now, while i would normally prefer deploying dedicated loadbalancers on-demand, a big constraint in this environment is the fact that the ISP takes a significant time to configure the GSLB for new services, so on-demand loadbalancers go straight out of the window.
Automating distributed firewall rule deployment with PowerNSX
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NSX blogposts NSX blogposts
As part of a microsegmentation project, we’re also doing the full implementation of the DFW ruleset to isolate and categorize application tiers and inter-tier traffic. Since implementing these rules manually would be very labour-intensive and the risk of manual errors are always lurking, the obvious way would be to automate this.
NSX, Dynamic routing and VPC
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While the subject has come up quite a bit, it’s still mostly shrouded in mystery and getting a proper answer on what does and doesn’t work usually requires some shady voodoo rituals.