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A brief thank you to the tech community
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note: header image shameless stolen from XKCD . Credit where credit is due Once upon a time - as any good story is supposed to begin - people were working in IT.
Surviving the sandpit - week 1
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As most of you are probably aware by now, i’ve moved to Dubai to work for VMware. By now, it’s been a bit over a week so i thought i might as well provide everyone back at home (or wherever you are) with an update.
New layout!
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A fresh new ghost installation means a fresh new layout. It’s currently partially under development, but most features should be working. So if you have any feedback, bugs, items that aren’t working or any other criticism, i’d be glad to hear it.
Building the Virarium 2.0 - or "You know, normal people just have aquariums." - Part 1
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For those that regularly read XKCD, this one may be familiar for you: Let me start from the beginning. My previous employer OGD has a yearly event called “Technival”, which was all about a wild variety of geeky things organised and built by their employees, and the Virarium was the brainchild of me and Robbert Erents .
VMware Certifications - First steps
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Full Disclosure: This blogpost is written for and part of the VMware vExpert NSX Certification blogging campaign. A long long time ago when i was still making my first steps in the wonderful world of IT, my role was that of the go-to operations guys for small-medium businesses.