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vRealize Automation

VRLCM & vRA prerequisites in a locked down environment
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vRealize Automation blogposts vRealize Automation blogposts
A very brief one, but for a current project i’m working on LCM in a heavily locked down environment. So locked down in fact that even RDP to the servers is impossible, which makes making changing slightly impractical as everything has to go through the console.
Running pre-boot, post-provisioning vRO workflows in vRA.
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NSX vRealize Automation blogposts NSX vRealize Automation blogposts
Note: As this is more of a reminder for myself so i don’t forget next time, don’t expect too much fluff. Last week i needed to demonstrate how to temporarily enable firewall rules using the NSX DFW for a customer use case that is pretty serious about zero trust policies.
Querying PuppetDB with vRealize Orchestrator and vRealize Automation
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Puppet vRealize Automation blogposts Puppet vRealize Automation blogposts
TL;DR: if you’re just interested in how to configure orchestrator to allow puppetDB querying, follow the link . PuppetDB is an extension to Puppet allowing you to aggregate data from Puppet nodes such as custom facts, catalogs and resources.
VM deployment & configuration with Puppet and vRealize Automation 7
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Puppet vRealize Automation blogposts Puppet vRealize Automation blogposts
As you may know, vRealize Automation 7 brought us a great deal of improvements, one of which is the composite blueprint and the software components. With the new release of vRA 7.