Enabling vRealize Automation 7.2's Clarity Interface

Note: As per usual - don't listen to a random stranger on the internet without thinking about what you're doing. Don't use this in production and don't expect any kind of support. This is highly unsupported and may make people cry. If your vRA explodes, selfcombusts, insults your grandmother or runs off with your dog, you're on your own. This is a completely non-supported feature and i can't guarantee things won't break in unpredictably hilarious ways.

So what happens when you're trying to troubleshoot a vRA issue and get sidetracked? You find the configuration option Clarity=false in /etc/vcac/enabled-features.properties.. Obviously this is something that we must test, for science and all.

The result:

Not very exciting unfortunately. The interface is still mostly the same. What changed are the header, the footer and the top level menus. Everything else is still using the standard CSS. However, this does show that VMware is working on redesigning the vRealize Automation UI to meet the new Clarity standards, and hopefully we're going to see more of this in 7.3.

To do this in your own lab, ssh to your vRealize Automation appliance and run the following commands:

sed -i 's/Clarity=false/Clarity=true/g' /etc/vcac/enabled-features.properties  
service vcac-server restart  

Next, grab some coffee and enjoy your clarity styled interface!